Effects of EMF

Biological effect versus adverse health effect 

A biological effect occurs when exposure to electromagnetic fields causes some noticeable or detectable physiological change in a biological system which is not necessarily hazardous. An adverse health effect occurs when the biological effect is outside the normal range for the body to compensate and which is detrimental to health or well-being. 

What are the effects of RF EMF? 

Exposure to RF EMF at high levels can cause the heating of tissues that leads to an increase in the body temperature. This is known as the thermal effect. Although the body has its effective ways of regulating its temperature, nevertheless, if the RF exposures are too high, the body may no longer be able to cope.
At frequencies above 10 MHz, the first scientifically-established effect to occur is heating. At frequencies below 10 MHz, the first effect to be experienced is non-thermal nerve stimulation (a tingling sensation).